Thursday, August 4, 2016

We Said "I Do" in Costa Rica

La Fortuna is home to one of Costa Rica's many volcanoes - The Arenal Volcano. It is often blanketed in mist but today she decided to peak out from behind the veil of mist and majestically present herself during Theresa's and Tom's wedding ceremony. It made for some beautiful photos.

Wedding Planner: Tui Frye / Blue Buttterfly

Friday, May 20, 2016

It Is All In the Details - The Bouquet

What is the origin of the Wedding Bouquet?  In ancient times, bouquets were made of herbs and not flowers. The herbs were part of the bouquet so that they would ward off the evil spirits and even included garlic! Sage represented wisdom and dill represented lust. Flower girls would carry sheaves of wheat which represented renewal, growth and fertility. In the Celtic tradition, bouquets were made of heather, ivy and thistle. Eventually herb bouquets were replaced with flowers which also had their own meanings: orange blossoms represented fertility and happiness, ivy represented fidelity and lilies represented purity.

Friday, August 14, 2015

La Fortuna Waterfalls Elopement

Carrie & José wanted a quiet and exotic wedding so they chose to elope. Their intimate wedding ceremony took place in front of the cascading falls at the La Fortuna Waterfalls.

Wedding Planner: Tui Frye / Blue Buttterfly




Arenal Lodge Wedding

Michelle & Kyle decided upon a low key wedding ceremony at the Arenal Lodge. The skies were grey and it drizzled quite a bit but that didn't make any difference to the beauty of our surroundings!

Wedding Planner: Tui Frye / Blue Butterfly